Willy Paul slips to the left leaving them in shock

Like a rumour, Wilson Radido publicly known for his stage name Willy Paul is sending bunches of thoughts to his fans of late for his music diversity.

The renowned contemporary Christian singer whose star shone with Gloria Muliro quite sometime ago has now grown adversely with a new tone of composition. From Christian melodies he was formerly known for, he has made a complete turn cooking discussions all over for his decision.

Willy Paul on fleek



Many of his supporters now have it that the artist is a disgrace and an element of confusion to them as evident from their social media reactions but this doesn't seem to be an issue to the now newly crowned Mr love. The singer seems unshaken by the insults and culminations from his fore fans who only knew him as a gospel artist as he maintains his innovative diversion of music.


What do you understand from the word Gospel, doesn't it include Love in it to be complete?         

Of course yes, Willy Paul is just exploring his talent and trying to make the most out of it no showbiz or diversity and I firmly support that.

Hallelujah and Mmmmh featuring Nandy and Rayvanny respectively are some of the best releases from Willy Paul this 2019 gaining him more fame and tours across the world of music 

https://youtu.be/GNz13s3xdic    Hallelujah ft Nandy 


https://youtu.be/rsbh3jE6qtQ       Mmmmh ft Rayvanny


Keep it Pozee!

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