5 Fruits that will get you to 80+ [including cancer management]

A long, happy and healthy life is a want of almost if not every other being in existence. The list below is not the surest but the most relevant of all to get you sorted in your fruit selection and lead a healthy lifestyle of upto 80 years and above.

Diet adherence is the best way of preventing disease and or managing prevailing medical conditions.

We have sampled the best preferred for you to achieve your dreams of long life, let's go through this list to see if it gives the best...



  •  The pawpaw enzyme called  pippin can effectively remove pseudo membranes in the throat caused by diphtheria which is an infectious disease of the throat, pharynx, tonsils and or the nasal cavity caused by bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheria 
  • The ripe pawpaw eaten along with seeds is believed to be good for a cough, all stomach and all bowel complaints
  • The hot infusion of the flowers mixed with a tablespoon of honey helps cure bronchitis
  • Consumption of the raw seeds can manage cancer
  • Eating the ripe fruit helps control diabetes
  • Wash fresh and clean leaves of pawpaw and crush part of it to make a poultice and apply to cuts or wounds to heal them



  • The cooked flowers of the growing plant can help cub diabetes when eaten. The unripe cooked banana is also said to be good for diabetic people
  • A poultice from the pounded pith found in the center of the plant stem is placed on burns or applied with a muslin cloth to hold it in place for proper functioning
  • The banana pith can also be cooked and eaten to control cancer, inflamed kidneys and kidney stones. If you may or could find cooking tedious you can prepare a pasteurized juice and take it to boost immunity
  • Like pawpaw (papaya) extracted banana plant juice can be applied externally on wounds and cuts to check bleeding



  • 4-5 glasses a day of the infusion of roasted and ground seeds of the fruit are taken to control inflammation of the urinary tract
  • Consumption of a watermelon pulp along with its seeds is recommended for prostate problems
  • Watermelon consumption also helps in Arthritis ailment
  • The juice of the ripe fruit helps to dissolve kidney and bladder stones
  • A watermelon eaten alongside iron rich foods can boost HB levels
  • The watermelon seeds are rich in zinc which boosts immunity



  • Garlic lowers Low Density Lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and raises High Density Lipoprotein (good cholesterol) and prevents blood from clotting which is the process by which atherosclerosis gives rise to heart attacks and strokes
  • Garlic stimulates flow of saliva which helps in digestion
  • It also relieves flatulence and griping pains in the stomach and bowels
  • Allicin in garlic lowers blood pressure hence can be a good remedy for hypertension
  • Garlic is a good remedy for earache, deafness and delaying of graying of hair
  • Raw garlic juice is a good medicine for mild cough or even whooping cough
  • Use two cloves of garlic as a supplement daily to stabilize blood sugar and potently prevent diabetes
  • Taking raw garlic with salads or in any other forms promotes dissipation of a growth or swelling



  • A paste of dry ginger with some salt can be applied to painful teeth and heal them
  • Decoction of the rhizome will generally take care of common cold
  • Infusion of the rhizome will cure stomachache

 Other medicinal uses

  1. Rheumatism
  2. Hemmorrhoids
  3. Pulmonary diseases
  4. Neuralgia
  5. Urticaria
  6. Amenorrhea
  7. Chronic rheumatism
  8. Common cold
  9. Flatulence
  10. Asthma
  11. Edema
  12. Sore throat

The information provided above is all rights bound and for educational purposes only, if you'd like more of this please tell us in the comments section below and we'll gladly be at your service or convenience.

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